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IMET is the foremost Mobile Repairing Institute in Meerut. We provide basic, advance and Combo level Mobile Repair Courses. Our entire course syllabus is simplified such that even a matriculate can grasp the concepts. Also, we are backed by highly experienced trainers & instructors who are well-versed with the latest Mobile technology.

Mobile Repairing Course in Meerut is provided by IMET mobile repairing institute of advance technologise to a very affordable price and it is one such Mobile Repairing in Meerut India that is known for its successful candidates all over the country. There are also various other technical courses that IMET mobile repairing institute of advance technologise provides the students all over the country.

  • Organized Theory & Practical Classes
  • Problem-based learning
  • Practice in Tracing, Software and Practical Labs
  • Thousands of our passed out students earning very well in this field
  • Introduction & working on Latest Machines (SMD, Hot Air Gun, DC Power Supply)
  • Complete Hardware Solution
  • Complete Software Solution
  • Very Affordable Fees Structure
  • 14+ Years Experience in this field
  • Highly Experienced and Expert Trainer
  • Maximum Hours of Practical Training
  • 100% Chip Level Practical
  • Free Mobile Repair Tools & CD's
  • Modern Classroom Facilities
  • Fast Track + Regular Batches
  • Registered By Indian Government
  • After Completed Course Provide Certificate
  • Life Time Support After Completed Course*
  • Why IMET Mobile Repairing Institute?

    IMET is the pioneer of Mobile Repair Courses. With our industry expertise and zeal to provide 100% student satisfaction, we have trained thousands of professionals in mobile engineering. We don't just offer a course but a secure career! Students after completing this course are provided with a certificate, FREE mobile repair tool kits, and several other gifts. Also, being one of the Best Mobile Repair Training Institutes in Meerut, We keep on offering various schemes and offers to the students. Other factors which have made us leader in technical education sector are :

    We have more than 14 years of experience in imparting Mobile Repair Courses. Each of our course offer hands-on training on testing, repairing and maintaining a variety of mobile handsets like Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Micromax, Lava, Karbonn, Intex, LYF and much more. Our faculties follow a mix of learning techniques through theory, practical and assessment classes. Students make use of different testing and repairing tools to diagnose and fix any problem in the handsets. We provide Mobile Repair Training through our following Courses :

    Mobile Repairing Course In Hindi By IMET Mobile Repairing Institute

    Mobile Repairing Course

    Course Detail's

    Module 1 - Basic Electronics 

    •    Basic Electronics Concept
    •    A/C , D/C Concepts  & Flow Of Current 
    •    Resistors -  Meaning  & Use Of Resistors  , Symbol , Function , Resistor Color coding , Value Measurement By Multimeter and SMD Tester , Type Of Resistors 
    •    Capacitor – Meaning Of Capacitor , Function, Types, Symbol, Identification of Solid Type and SMD Type Capacitor, Testing of Capacitor by Multimeter and SMD Tester, Value measurement by SMD Tester. 
    •     Coil – Meaning Of Coil, Use Of Coil , Symbol Of Coil , Denoting Letter, Properties of Coil, Identification of Solid and SMD type coil, Pack coil, Testing of Coil. 
    •    Diode- Meaning Of Diode , Use Of Diode , Function, Symbol, Denoting letter, Types of Diode,  Identification of Solid and SMD Type Diode, Testing of Diode, Anode and Cathode Concept. 
    •     Transistor- Meaning Of Transistor , Use Of Transistor , Types Of Transistor  Symbol, Denoting Letter, PNP and NPN Concept, Testing of Transistor, Function etc. 
    •    Mosfet - Meaning Of Mosfet , Features Of Mosfet , Use Of Mosfet , Types, 3 leg Mosfet, 8 Leg Mosfet, Identification of N-Channel and P-Channel Mosfet, Testing of Mosfet, Dual Mosfet Concept, Switching Concept Etc. 
    •    Transformer And IC – Meaning And Use Of Transformer , Meaning And Use OF IC 
    •    Crystal - Meaning And Use , Concept of Quartz, Clock and Pulse, Measuring unit, Types and Real Shape, Testing of Crystal etc.


    Module 2   - Mobile Phone – Parts & Technology 
    •    History of Mobile Phone
    •    GSM & CDMA Structure & Generation of Mobile Phone
    •    Frequency & Channels
    •    GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared Technology
    •    Wi-Fi, SIM, & IMEI
    •    2G , 3G , 4G Technology
    •    Advanced Mobile Phones H/W Trouble Shooting with Circuit Chart.
    •     Mobile Operating System 
    •    Types Of Operating System -  I-Phone, Blackberry,  Android , Windows 
    •    Chinese Mobile phone 
    •    Android Technology And Its Problems 
    •    Windows phone Technology And Its Problems 

    Module 3 - Mobile Phone Repairing – Hardware Training 
    •    Mobile Phone Assembly & Disassembly
    •    Electronic Components Overview
    •    Tools Used In Mobile Repairing And Their Use – Soldering Iron , SMD Machine , Battery Booster , Separator Machine Etc .
    •    Types Of ICs 
    •    Identification of Different ICs
    •    Mobile Circuit Board Tracing Of  Smart phones  - Android Phone , Windows phone, Keypad Phone etc.
    •    Mobile Circuit Board Trace without Circuit Diagram
    •    Circuit Diagram Reading
    •    Chip Level Soldering & De-soldering
    •     Tips for Mobile repairing
    •      Section of Mobile Phones
    •     Circuit Diagram Reading
    •     GSM Mobile Phone Troubleshooting
    •     Chinese Mobile phone Troubleshooting
    •     CDMA Mobile phone Troubleshooting
    •     Practically handset repairing
    •     Tips for service centre

    Module 4 - Mobile Phone Complete Software Repairing
    •     Mobile Software Overview
    •    Types Of Boxes For Mobile  Software Repair And Their Use
    •     Software Problems In  Basis Phone And Their Solution
    •    Software Problems In  Android Phone And Their Solution
    •    Software Problems In  Windows Phone And Their Solution
    •     Software Repairing With Online Connectivity 
    •     Mobile Phone S/W training with coding
    •     Chinese Mobile Phone Repairing
    •    Unlocking of Phone Codes
    •    Formatting of Internal Memory

    Module 5 - Fault Finding In Smart Phones & Basic Phones 
    ( Android, Windows , China Phone, Basic Phone )
    •    Ringer problem
    •    Mic Problem 
    •    Automatic On Off Problem 
    •    Broken Display 
    •    Touch Pad Break 
    •    Touch Display Separation 
    •    Dead set condition
    •    No charging
    •    Auto charging
    •    No signal
    •    Voice problem
    •    Vibrator problem
    •    Auto turn off
    •    IMEI NO. REPAIR
    •    Hanging problem
    •    Insert SIM (no sim card inserted shows on the screen)
    •    Problem In Installation Of App
    •    keypad problem
    •    Software problems
    •    Flashing and Formatting
    •    Android Phone Pattern Lock
    •    Android Phone Routing
    •    GSM Mobile Phone Troubleshooting
    •    Chinese Mobile phone Troubleshooting
    •    CDMA Mobile phone Troubleshooting
    •    Practically Handset Repairing
    •    Tips for service centre
    •    Frp Unlocking Of Android 
    •    Windows Mobile Flashing